"The Brethren Wrote..."

    "The brethren wrote, exhorting the disciples to receive him;
    who, when he was come, helped them much" (Acts 18:27).



"Guy BonGiovanni is a gifted preacher.  He has a  keen insight to Bible  truth.  His messages are relevant to our times, forceful and inspiring.  I highly recommend him for ministry in our churches."

Rev. Philip Bongiorno,  Former Superintendent, Penn-Del District, Assemblies of God


“It has been my pleasure to know Guy BonGiovanni, and to observe the significant contribution he has made to the Christian Church.  His ministry is characterized with deep insight, a clear presentation of the Gospel, and is richly anointed.”

Rev. Joseph Beretta, Former Superintendent, New Jersey District, Assemblies of God


"Rev. BonGiovanni is one of the most respected guests that I have ever had in the pulpit at Highway Tabernacle.  Our people repeat back to me his teachings long after he has been here to minister.  I count it an honor to know and to give my highest endorsement to him and his ministry."

Rev. Jay Alford -  Pastor Emeritus, Highway Tabernacle, Youngstown, OH


"Rev. Guy BonGiovanni is a personal friend of mine and we have shared fellowship as members of the Board of Administration of the Pentecostal Fellowship of North America. We have enjoyed working together as fellow Pentecostals, and I know that his ministry will be a blessing to you"

Rev. G. Raymond Carlson - Past General Superintendent, Assemblies of God


"It has been my pleasure to have known Brother BonGiovanni for about twenty years...We have sat together on administrative boards.  His participation has always been constructively helpful and wise, and appreciated by all...He ably conducts himself in the pulpit and speaks with clarity what has been well prepared. "

Rev. Carlton Spencer – Chairman Emeritus, Elim Fellowship


"I have enjoyed working with Guy BonGiovanni on the Board of Administration of the Pentecostal Fellowship of North America over the last several years.  He has made a distinct contribution to the efforts of this committee.  An able preacher of the Word, Guy ministers under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and power.  I commend his ministry to you.  He will 'do you good!'"

Rev. James Mac Knight – Past General Superintendent, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada



"We served together on the Board of Directors at Elim Bible Institute. Guy BonGiovanni has been an informed leader who has helped solve problems and build consensus.... He has consistently been a powerful communicator and an able minister in every setting.  I have found him to be a careful listener and a compassionate man."

Dr.Michael L. Webster, Former President, Elim Bible Institute, Lima, NY



"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Rev. Guy BonGiovanni.  I have known him personally for several years.  He is an outstanding man with many great qualities.  He is a dedicated and capable minister of the Gospel."

Dr. Benjamin Crandall – Former President, Zion Bible Institute, Barrington, Rhode Island