Clippings from our Ministry Scrapbook


“Depression” Book Used in Sunday School Class"

Dear Brother Guy:
I want to share some exciting things God is doing both in me and in our Sunday School Class. In me, God has truly (and really) put an excitement, an enthusiasm and an upbeat in my spirit, thanks to your book. And in our Sunday school class, where we’ve been using your book as a guide to our lessons, God is “turning on the light” in people’s heads. He’s showing people that our attitudes really are a matter of choice. So, Brother Guy, I thank God that He empowered and enabled you to write, “Depression -How to Whip it and Put an Upbeat in Your Spirit.”

M.T.P. Oceanside, CA.

“Depression” Book Came Just in Time!

Dear Brother BonGiovanni:
Thank you so much for the book on “Depression.” I really enjoyed it and it came at the right time. The book really blessed me. The Lord sure knows when we need to be lifted up. He is so faithful. I just love “Spirit-Lifter for Today.” May God bless you and continue to use you for His honor and glory.

C.P. Erie, PA

Healing Grace Conference

Dear Brother Guy:
Just a short note to thank you again for participating in our “Healing Grace Conference.” Your love, encouragement and ministry has had a profound impact on Trinity Christian Center.”

Sr.Pastor Trinity Christian Center, St. Louis, MO

“Calvary Perspective” To Reach Thousands Throughout Italy

Dear Brother BonGiovanni:
“I often think about your message on the “Calvary Perspective,” that you preached in Paestum. We would like to publish this message in our magazine, which reaches thousands of Christians all over Italy of every denomination. It was a real challenge to the Italian church to recover that foundation so important for a healthy and fruitful walk with Christ. I think it is important that this message be heard and read all over Italy.”

V.F., Director- “Christ is the Answer” Naples, Italy

Appreciates Teaching

Mr. BonGiovanni:
Thank you for your marvelous teachings.
I will not forget you!
T.Z. Dallas, TX

Kingdom Message a Blessing at Orchard Park Tabernacle

Brother BonGiovanni:
We surely enjoyed your excellent message on the Kingdom.   Thanks!

ML Orchard Park, NY

People Find Jesus as Savior and Baptizer in the Holy Spirit!

Dear Friends:
Brother BonGiovanni’s fresh approach to speaking in other tongues and the gifts of the Spirit was inspirational and informative. His series on ‘Charismatic Dynamics’ was extremely beneficial. Several received the Baptism, and in the final service two met Jesus as Savior. Others testified of renewal and refreshing as the Holy Spirit moved freely in our services.

Pastor Christian Assembly - Marysville, OH

Renewed & Challenged at Couples’ Retreat

Dear Brother Guy,
What a blessing you and your ministry were to those who attended the Couples Retreat. We came away challenged and with a renewed vision for Godly marriages. Thank you for helping us grow and build marriages that will glorify God.

Sr.Pastor Calvary Temple - Wayne, N

Ministry Materials Helpful

Dear Brother BonGiovanni:
Thank you for sending the ministry materials I requested. They Are excellent!….just what I needed. God bless you and your ministry!

Pastor LG Assembly of God Manasquan, NJ

Text Box: Seminar Comments
Comments Taken Randomly From Anonymous Seminar Evaluation Forms
 Charismatic Dynamics 
            “very informative & well balanced….I understand the Holy Spirit much more than before….fantastic!  Thanks for your conservative approach & yet your openness to the Holy Spirit…sound, scriptural…. tremendously helpful.  Quite a blessing! clear-cut….excellent….ministered to me greatly….I finally understood the ‘gifts’ of the Spirit…an honesty & clarity in the teaching that I liked & respected….I especially found helpful the open attitude & candor of the speaker.  It was refreshing & enlightening to experience it.”
 Excellence in Ministry (Skills)
             “more of these institutes are needed….deep, yet understandable method of teaching & approach….I will recommend it to other groups freely….practical!  Any minister would profit….sound Biblical instruction from a man of God who has a proven track record of managing successful ministries….very helpful….relevant & insightful….I appreciate  Brother BonGiovanni’s honest & straight forwardness…made me reevaluate my ministry.”
Excellence in Ministry (Relationships)
             “very informative & practical….appreciated the loyalty & unity stressed….much wisdom was imparted….Excellent course & I am a harsh critic!….excellent quality….dares to discuss current issues even though they are controversial. This was the best part for me….balanced.”
 Couples’ Enrichment
             “a helpful & insightful experience….it was fun & very educational experience….an excellent seminar….very informative….very timely in that it dealt with the issues facing us today….really helped me to think & to isolate things to work on….professionally prepared & would do well even in a non-Christian atmosphere….personal, practical, moving….enriching, very humorous.”
Holy Spirit Conference
            “very biblical…exegesis done properly….dynamic. I’d attend again…extremely well      presented…fabulous…very uplifting…delivery made teaching exciting…worth the time…If it only could go on and on…oh, how I enjoyed this conference!…He got right to the point and understood it well…good, solid teaching…definitely brought a revival and excitement within myself…straightened my Pentecostal beliefs…presentations backed thoroughly by scripture…it was terrific…It was excellent…a real blessing to my spiritual life…excellently presented, concise, yet specific, order and well informed…appreciated the balanced teaching.”